Advanced Data Analytics for Health and Human Services

Verity Analytics helps policy makers and others improve workflows and make informed policy decisions to drive person-centered outcomes – all while staying compliant with data security requirements.

Verity Analytics is not a case management software; it’s a cloud-based business intelligence software that enables users to:

Gather and integrate
Gather, integrate, and update information on service recipients in a centralized data warehouse
Health and human service agencies often struggle to get value from their data. Often, data are spread across multiple sources that cannot be easily combined. Or, there may be so much data that it’s hard to sift through and make sense of. With Verity Analytics, you can integrate and augment information from multiple data sources into a single, focused data warehouse.
Work more efficiently
Work more efficiently to monitor system performance and improve workflows
Customized dashboards populated with integrated data mean policymakers have on-demand access to current, relevant information on service recipients and systems. Managers can also keep a pulse on workflow and other pressing issues while staff execute customized data-related tasks across disparate data sources more efficiently.
Effectiveness of programs
Learn more about the effectiveness of programs and the people served
Using interactive graphics tuned to issues you care about, you can explore relationships and trends in a population related to demographics, geography, time, and more. You can see what’s working in a system and what isn’t, which will inform policies on how to best target resources. HSRI’s data quality experts scrutinize each stage of the data processing so you can rest assured knowing the information you’re using is accurate and reliable.
Informed and data-driven
Make better informed and data-driven decisions
Built to be easily consumed and shared, Verity Analytics provides the foundation to answer big predictive questions, examine policy implications, and coordinate strategies across agencies. Whether interacting with the data from your own dashboards, publishing point-in-time extracts, or providing a live interactive demonstration with key stakeholders, these data can help you make data-driven decisions that best serve people.